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What is Suburban Saguramo
Suburban Saguramo is part of Colliers' series of low-density projects. Residential areas are developing near Tbilisi and allow customers to purchase land in Saguramo and Lisi. The settlements are easily accessible from urban centers. Land plots are provided with a complete package of communications, roads and recreational infrastructure. Colliers, as a driving force behind these projects, ensures confidence and top-notch quality with its real estate expertise and global representation.
Fully Funded by TBC Bank
Suburban Saguramo is a novel, low-density residential project that combines rural environment and urban lifestyle. The project aims to offer the customer plots of land in a fully established district and give them freedom in designing their own houses while adhering to a unified style dictated by the initial design guidelines. The district involves 95 plots of land and a central park, which provides recreational and socializing spaces. Children’s entertainment and sport zones, a multifunctional sportsground, a tennis court, bicycle path and shop for daily products will be fully organized in the area.
In Suburban Saguramo each plot will be equipped with the full packege of communications, the road infrastructure and an outdoor lighting system. Residents will receive all the services they are used to. QARI’s shared eco-transportation and Wehost’s maintenance will make their daily routine easy.
Sold Plot # 93 1015 m²
Sold Plot # 92 1000 m²
Vacant Plot # 91 944 m²
Sold Plot # 90 924 m²
Sold Plot # 83 1000 m²
Vacant Plot # 82 973 m²
Sold Plot # 81 1000 m²
Vacant Plot # 80 950 m²
Sold Plot # 79 1000 m²
Vacant Plot # 78 944 m²
Sold Plot # 77 1052 m²
Sold Plot # 76 1015 m²
Vacant Plot # 75 895 m²
Sold Plot # 74 1040 m²
Sold Plot # 72 964 m²
Vacant Plot # 69 1185 m²
Sold Plot # 68 927 m²
Vacant Plot # 67 1116 m²
Vacant Plot # 66 846 m²
Vacant Plot # 65 1085 m²
Sold Plot # 63 1078 m²
Vacant Plot # 61 1075 m²
Sold Plot # 60 822 m²
Vacant Plot # 59 1002 m²
Vacant Plot # 58 814 m²
Vacant Plot # 57 976 m²
Vacant Plot # 55 1294 m²
Sold Plot # 54 1031 m²
Vacant Plot # 53 966 m²
Vacant Plot # 52 1168 m²
Vacant Plot # 50 1417 m²
Sold Plot # 49 931 m²
Vacant Plot # 48 1256 m²
Vacant Plot # 47 1012 m²
Vacant Plot # 46 709 m²
Vacant Plot # 44 766 m²
Vacant Plot # 43 1014 m²
Vacant Plot # 42 1025 m²
Vacant Plot # 41 845 m²
Vacant Plot # 40 955 m²
Vacant Plot # 39 753 m²
Vacant Plot # 38 831 m²
Vacant Plot # 37 798 m²
Vacant Plot # 36 767 m²
Vacant Plot # 35 780 m²
Vacant Plot # 34 733 m²
Vacant Plot # 33 933 m²
Vacant Plot # 32 780 m²
Vacant Plot # 31 1033 m²
Vacant Plot # 30 813 m²
Vacant Plot # 29 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 28 813 m²
Vacant Plot # 27 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 26 894 m²
Sold Plot # 25 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 24 1084 m²
Vacant Plot # 23 879 m²
Sold Plot # 22 685 m²
Vacant Plot # 21 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 20 583 m²
Vacant Plot # 19 904 m²
Vacant Plot # 18 742 m²
Vacant Plot # 17 702 m²
Vacant Plot # 16 921 m²
Sold Plot # 15 965 m²
Sold Plot # 14 775 m²
Sold Plot # 13 535 m²
Sold Plot # 12 618 m²
Vacant Plot # 6 735 m²
Vacant Plot # 5 794 m²
Vacant Plot # 4 733 m²
Sold Plot # 3 711 m²
Sold Plot # 2 688 m²
Sold Plot # 45 785 m²
Sold Plot # 51 735 m²
Sold Plot # 56 959 m²
Sold Plot # 73 969 m²
Sold Plot # 71 997 m²
Sold Plot # 70 1052 m²
Sold Plot # 64 942 m²
Sold Plot # 62 1023 m²
Sold Plot # 95 1000 m²
Sold Plot # 94 990 m²
Sold Plot # 89 854 m²
Sold Plot # 88 932 m²
Sold Plot # 87 944 m²
Sold Plot # 86 876 m²
Vacant Plot # 85 957 m²
Vacant Plot # 84 1029 m²
Vacant Plot # 11 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 10 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 9 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 8 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 7 700 m²
Vacant Plot # 1 665 m²
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Project will be delivered in the form of allocated land plots, complete with roads, communication systems, and other engineering and recreational infrastructure connected to each plot.
In the southeast corner of the territory, at the highest point of the site, a water well with a depth of 150-180m will be arranged, that will provide complete, autonomous water supply to the settlement area
The recreational space of the project includes 8,000 sq m of green area consisted of a park, bicycle paths, a tennis court, and a multifunctional sports field. The internal roads of the project will be fully covered with asphalt and an outdoor lighting system will be installed
Every plot of land will be provided with 10 kw. power supply network and installed meter
An underground gas pipeline will be connected to the plots
A sewerage network will be arranged organized in the entire territory, in which each plot will be connected
An optical fiber Internet network will be brought to each plot of land
Additional Services
The necessary services for our daily lives will be provided in Suburban Saguramo. Maintenance of public and private spaces, as well as standard products, will be offered to residents, along with additional services such as gardening, pool cleaning, and other essential urban basics.
To ensure urban comfort, Suburban will organize a shared eco-transport system for its future residents, contributing to the ecological well-being of the district. The company responsible for providing electric vehicle sharing services will be QARI.
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Development Rules
Development Rules
Development Rules

The visual appearance will be regulated by the preliminary rules included in the project. Land plot owners can prepare an individual project, get a building permit and start building a house according to the pre-set parameters of the master plan.

Height of buildings
Height of buildings Height of buildings Height of buildings Height of buildings
Height of buildings

The maximum height of the buildings should be determined according to the 
sectional drawings given below. The number of floors above the ground should not exceed 2 (including the attic).

The maximum height of the building with a flat roof shall not exceed 7.5 m.

The maximum height of the building with a sloping   roof shall not exceed 10 m 
at the roof ridge point. 

The number of floors and the maximum height are calculated according to the following principle
1. Where  the plot of land is located at a high point in relation to the access road - from the low point of the terrain
2. Where  the plot of land is located at a low point in relation to the access road - from the high point of the terrain

Not  included in the maximum height and number of floors of the building:
1. In the case of a flat roof, a staircase for access to the roof
2. Chimney or ventilation shaft

Layout of buildings
Layout of buildings Layout of buildings Layout of buildings
Layout of buildings

On each plot of land, the building must be located within the established regulation building lines. None of the elements of 
the main part of the building (above-ground premises) should go beyond the mentioned regulation lines.

The following facilities may be arranged beyond the regulation building lines
1. Swimming pool 
2. Gazebo 
3. Open or closed parking lot 
4. Underground premises
5. 1-story auxiliary building

Any facility that will be located beyond the regulation line must be at least 1 m away from the neighborhood boundary

Cancellation of regulation building lines
Cancellation of regulation  building lines Cancellation of regulation  building lines Cancellation of regulation  building lines
Cancellation of regulation building lines

The regulation building lines can be canceled between adjacent plots of land, if the buildings on said plots are located adjacent to each other

The rule does not apply to the back yard part of the plot

Assembly of land plots
Assembly of land plots Assembly of land plots Assembly of land plots Assembly of land plots Assembly of land plots
Assembly of land plots

Assembly of land plots is allowed
In case of assembly of land plots the established regulation building lines between the said plots are cancelled 

In case of assembly of land plots, the following rule applies to entrances
- It is allowed to have two or more entrances (gates) on assembled land plots
- In case of cancellation of an entrance, the  sidewalk and curbs should  be filled with the similar materials as those existing 
- If the sidewalk is not filled, the  plane of the fence at that place should be moved aside by 1 meter from the street side, where greenery will be arranged in the form of bushes or trees 

Facade cladding
Facade cladding Facade cladding
Facade cladding

Building facade facing materials:

Natural stone
Facade composite or concrete panels
(suitable color and material)

Building facade cladding elements:

1. It is not allowed to use strong colors for facade cladding.
2. All facades of the building must be treated in compliance high architectural requirements, and the facades located in the direction of the neighborhood border should not be given less attention

In case of using any material or element other than the above mentioned, the solution 
(in the form of a project) should be agreed with the administration of the territory/project team

Roofing of buildings
Roofing of buildings Roofing of buildings
Roofing of buildings

The facing material of the flat roof of buildings is not limited.

In the case of sloping roofs of buildings, the following materials are allowed to be used:

Roof tile
Green roof

Use of roof material of strong color (red, green, blue) is not allowed

Fence design and parameters
Fence design and parameters Fence design and parameters Fence design and parameters
Fence design and parameters

The main principles of territory fencing

The front yard of the buildings, (the part adjacent to the road) is an important visual area for the district. Accordingly, the quality of the future appearance of the area will significantly depend on the quality of the front yard arranged by private owners. Therefore, the street fence should be as transparent as possible.

Street-side fence 
The height of the fence is defined at 170-180 cm (from the existing ground)
It consists of two parts 

1. The upper part
Height: 100 cm
Allowed materials: metal plates, wood 

2. Foundation
Height: 800 cm
Allowed materials: natural stone, brick

The design of the fence and gate should be agreed in advance with the administration 
of the territory/project team.

The plot is located in Shankevani, one of the most attractive places in Saguramo. The 360 ​​degree view makes it special. In the south, Saguramo Nature Reserve is represented by an array of broad-leaved forests, and in the north, the views of the Caucasus Mountains open up. The design is 32 km away from Heroes' Square, from the center of Saguramo – in 5 minutes. The driveway to the land is fully paved, allowing easy access for future residents.
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