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What is Suburban Lisi
Suburban Lisi is part of Colliers' low-density residential project series. Projects are developed in eco-friendly areas near Tbilisi, such as Lisi Lake. Our primary objective is to provide residents with a unique and fulfilling suburban living experience that introduces a fresh perspective on suburban living. At Suburban, we believe in creating a distinctive identity and collective suburban style that sets a new precedent in the development of suburban communities. Settlements are easily accessible from nearby active urban centers and are fully equipped with engineering, road, and communication infrastructure. Colliers, as a driving force behind these projects, ensures confidence and top-notch quality with its real estate expertise and global representation. The project will be completed in September 2025.
Fully Funded by TBC Bank
Located near the tranquil Lisi Lake, Suburban Lisi is a new and innovative suburban development that combines the best of both rural and urban living. Spanning over 7 hectares, this project is designed to offer homeowners the freedom to design their dream homes within a harmonious and uniform aesthetic, regulated by the preliminary rules included in the design. Suburban Lisi comprises of 60 isolated plots of land that are carefully designed to create a cohesive and harmonious community. The project features 9,300 sq. m of recreational space, including a park, a sports ground, tennis court and other socializing areas to foster a sense of community and connection among residents.
As part of the development, the road infrastructure and communication systems are fully organized to ensure that residents have access to everything they need. In addition to developing the physical infrastructure, Colliers aims to facilitate all the essential daily services to enhance the quality of life for residents in Suburban Saguramo, even though it is located far from the city. This will be achieved through collaboration with reputable companies that are already established and operating in the market.
Vacant Plot # 56 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 12 1200 m²
Vacant Plot # 11 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 10 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 9 850 m²
Sold Plot # 8 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 7 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 6 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 5 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 4 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 3 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 2 850 m²
Sold Plot # 1 620 m²
Vacant Plot # 13 1177 m²
Vacant Plot # 14 850 m²
Sold Plot # 15 850 m²
Sold Plot # 16 850 m²
Sold Plot # 17 850 m²
Sold Plot # 18 850 m²
Sold Plot # 19 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 20 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 21 850 m²
Sold Plot # 22 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 23 850 m²
Sold Plot # 24 850 m²
Sold Plot # 25 646 m²
Vacant Plot # 37 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 36 850 m²
Sold Plot # 35 850 m²
Sold Plot # 34 850 m²
Sold Plot # 33 850 m²
Sold Plot # 32 850 m²
Sold Plot # 31 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 30 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 28 850 m²
Sold Plot # 29 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 27 850 m²
Sold Plot # 26 698 m²
Vacant Plot # 38 684 m²
Vacant Plot # 39 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 40 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 41 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 42 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 43 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 44 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 45 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 46 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 47 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 48 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 49 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 50 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 51 866 m²
Vacant Plot # 60 1017 m²
Vacant Plot # 59 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 58 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 57 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 55 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 54 850 m²
Vacant Plot # 53 850 m²
Sold Plot # 52 779 m²
Project will be delivered in the form of allocated land plots, complete with roads, communication systems and recreational spaces. Each plot of land will be provided with a high-quality modern metal fence, which will keep the unified look of the district while also enhancing the overall comfort and safety.
Modern Fence and Electric Sliding Gate
Each plot will be delivered with an individual, modern, metal fence - KINGCATS FENCE LIMITED, which contains the metal fence, a sliding gate and a central door.
An autonomous water supply chain will be arranged within the territory to provide complete and self-sufficient water supply to the settlement area.
The recreational space of the project includes 9,300 sq m of green area, which consists of a park, tennis court and a multifunctional sports field. The internal roads of the project will be fully covered with asphalt, and an outdoor lighting system will be installed.
Each plot of land will be provided with a 10-kW power supply network and an installed meter.
An underground gas pipeline will be connected to the plots.
A sewerage network will be arranged and organized in the entire territory, to which each plot will be connected.
An optical fiber internet network will be brought to each plot of land in the project.
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Development Rules
Development Rules
Development Rules

The visual appearance will be regulated by the preliminary rules included in the project. Owners can prepare an individual project, get a building permit and start building a house according to the pre-set parameters of the master plan.

Height of buildings
Height of buildings Height of buildings Height of buildings Height of buildings
Height of buildings

The maximum height of the buildings should be determined according to the sectional drawings given below. The number of floors above the ground should not exceed 2 (including the attic).

The maximum height of the building with a flat roof shall not exceed 10 m.

The maximum height of the building with a sloping   roof shall not exceed 12 m at the roof ridge point. 

The number of floors and the maximum height are calculated according to the following principle
1. Where  the plot of land is located at a high point in relation to the access road - from the low point of the terrain
2. Where  the plot of land is located at a low point in relation to the access road - from the high point of the terrain

Not  included in the maximum height and number of floors of the building:
1. In the case of a flat roof, a staircase for access to the roof
2. Chimney or ventilation shaft

Layout of buildings
Layout of buildings Layout of buildings Layout of buildings
Layout of buildings

On each plot of land, the building must be located within the established regulation building lines. None of the elements of 
the main part of the building (above-ground premises) should go beyond the mentioned regulation lines.

The following facilities may be arranged beyond the regulation building lines
1. Swimming pool 
2. Gazebo 
3. Open or closed parking lot 
4. Underground premises
5. 1-story auxiliary building

Any facility that will be located beyond the regulation line must be at least 1 m away from the neighborhood boundary

Facade cladding
Facade cladding Facade cladding
Facade cladding

Building facade facing materials:

Natural stone
Facade composite or concrete panels
(suitable color and material)

Building facade cladding elements:

1. It is not allowed to use strong colors for facade cladding.
2. All facades of the building must be treated in compliance high architectural requirements, and the facades located in the direction of the neighborhood border should not be given less attention

In case of using any material or element other than the above mentioned, the solution 
(in the form of a project) should be agreed with the administration of the territory/project team

Roofing of buildings
Roofing of buildings Roofing of buildings
Roofing of buildings

The facing material of the flat roof of buildings is not limited.

In the case of sloping roofs of buildings, the following materials are allowed to be used:

Roof tile
Green roof

Use of roof material of strong color (red, green, blue) is not allowed

Suburban Lisi, the new district located just 800 meters away from Lisi Lake, offers a stunning recreational environment and panoramic views of Tbilisi. Here, you can find a range of premium residential projects, an educational cluster, as well as various entertainment options. The project is just 8 km away from Heroes Square and can be easily reached by private or public transportation within 24 minutes.
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